Basketweave Throw finishing process

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Finishing the Basketweave Throw includes trimming loose ends, careful and controlled washing* and drying*, and knotting and manicuring the fringe.  We gently wash and dry the blankets in a process called "fulling" which doesn't completely felt the yarn but fluffs the fibers and tightens the weave.  It adds strength to the fabric and increases softness, while washing away unwanted elements from the spinning and dyeing processes.

The fringe is knotted before washing and trimmed after washing.  Washing after knotting secures the 510 hand-done knots on each throw, after which the fringe is trimmed to a uniform length.

*Please note that we recommend dry cleaning the Basketweave Throw.  If you put your throw in the washer or dryer it WILL shrink.  This applies to many other wool products as well, except those that are shrink treated, such as Smartwool socks.  Our wool is not shrink treated because doing so decreases the softness of the yarn and can make it brittle.  Shrink treating is done by either putting the fiber through an acid bath to dissolve the scales on the fiber (which are very small on Merino wool to begin with - the reason it is so soft) or by adding chemicals which fill in the gaps under the scales.  We prefer to leave the fiber in its natural state.

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